• Explore community-specific hybrid energy systems (wind, pellet, and solar) that utilize district heating systems for efficiency 
  • Lobby federal government and provide funding for Talston hydroelectric expansion including submarine cables to Yellowknife and transmission cables to resource-rich areas 
  • Continue to expand the territory’s all-season road system to mitigate climate impacts on transportation systems 
  • Support the transition of Aurora College to a Polytechnic University 


  • Establish northern-based, on-the-land addictions treatment programs in conjunction with Indigenous and Community governments 
  • Implement recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 
  • Increase funding for emergency and transitional housing programs 
  • Reduce barriers to accessing government assistance programs 
  • Establish annual funding for the NWT SPCA 
  • Increase funding for greenhouses and country food programs 


  • Reduce costs and barriers for the exploration and mining industry, such as the construction of all-season roads and exploring green energy options to fulfill corporate sustainability mandates 
  • Lobby federal government to streamline the Regulatory regime in consultation with Indigenous and Community Governments 
  • Settle Land Claims Agreements 
  • Support growth and job creation in the tourism industry, including focusing on emerging markets and domestic tourists